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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Over misuse of dowry harassment damaging Indian family structure

Again what misuse of RIT? It is paradoxical to call it misuse. It is just information that is and should be available to the public as a matter of right. It has not been most likely as it would inconvenience the department concerned. Infact if it is criminal history of the relatives, it should be first in public domain to protect the society. The excuse looks fishy as hell.
Both Kumars should sue the police for wrongful arrest and claim appropriate legal damages, remedies including prosecution of the authority ordering and carrying out the arrest.
CRISP seems to be doing a good job of protecting wrongly maligned husbands. Over injudicious misuse of this harassment clause is going to cause immense damage to marriages and family values of the country. A result not foreseen by the law makers blinded by urgency to act against dowry and harassment because of the horrific global image it projects.



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