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Saturday, July 09, 2011

All the power to colonel Matthew Thomas in fighting Aadhar

All the power to you Colonel Matthew Thomas. This is another wool over peoples eyes. Rope in a private sector honcho Nandan Nilenkani with a so far clean image to wash the sins off this government. Lured by association with powers be, his face is also tarred with the same brush of scandals. One fails to understand the purpose of this multi million dollar project. Who can say India is poor when we can waste so much money.
Government itself admits that this does not replace its other "catalog its citizens" projects.
How many identifications does a citizen need? Passport, pan number, voters id,UID, ration card, BPL card etc etc etc. All working at cross purposes. Almost impossible to cross verify without cooperation from the individual.
Recently Siddaganga mutt swamiji could not be scanned for age related problems. Not that there is any question whatsoever that he is a recorded Indian Citizen!
Who all benefit except the Indian is the question .



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