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Monday, July 04, 2011

reply to joshua

Hi Joshua 32720, Do you have any doubt KC did it? Anyone who has reared children can tell you that abuse is not just physical and verbal, looks alone especially in toddler's age can be controlling and abusive. Toddlers may not be able to voice that it is threatening or abusive. She lost her life before she could distinguish what is scary and what is love.
Don't you think KC was the guardian of Caylee's life, health and well being? that she was in charge of it and was responsible for Caylee's? when the baby went missing and subsequently turned up dead? don't you think it gave the mom the freedom and life she seemed to be seeking? I think the law should be lying is an evidence of guilt, like in accidents/ crime- flight is an evidence of guilt. Let us wait and see what the jury says.


I agree she got a voice. If she didnt do it do you think thats what caylee would want the voice to say."hey my mom is a monster" Do you think that is caylees voice.


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