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Sunday, April 22, 2012

kudos to police for enforcing silence

Kudos to the police, especially vijayanagar for porviding DIG Sharat Chandra a quiet oasis in this manmade noisy hell that Bangalore has become. We need more 45-65 db voices against noise and air pollution. 1500 tonnes of petroleum product pollutants spilled into air around Bangalore by the combustion of 6000 tonnes per day. Surely that should qualify Bangalore as the global Respiratory Disorder capital. Golden silence, a constitutional right, the default in rural areas should become mandatory in urban localities too.. 45-65 db noise for urban residential is explicit in supreme court orders, which if enforced in letter and spirit, effectively ban honking 24/7. Such imaginary visions raise hopes of a silent heaven in the unprotesting public suffering environmentally induced deafness. Since they are unfortunately disobeyed and amount to contempt. While we are grateful to Traffic super cop Saleem for what he has done, he should immediately crack down on vehicles using illegal loud horns. Honking is explicitly banned between 10pm and 6 am and in silent zones and a means of effective implementation should be evolved. Supreme court orders need to be enforced without waiting for complaints from the suffering public, so that the authorities are not under constant threat of contempt of court.


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