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Monday, December 04, 2006

Does Manu Sharma Deserve a fair Trial ofcourse yes, he got it

Of course Manu Sharma deserves a fair trial.

He has already gotten more than a fair trial.

Despite the whole nation believing that he was guilty, he got away like OJ Simpson in the USA, he was found not guilty.

He got it at the expense of truth and justice to the memory of Jessica.

Whatever transpired that day, she surely did not deserve to die either at Manu Sharma or the Sikh Gentleman's hand if we have to swallow Jethmalani's version.

How do we know that the Newspaper's innuendo was not part of the effort to save Manu Sharma?

Nobody can ever really discover the degree of political influence, pressures, intimidation, that might have gone into the case the way it was presented to the judge.

Only Manu Sharma and his well wishers know the full extent of that effort.
Now thankfully, the prosecution has appealed that judgement in order to give the dead a chance to speak.
The question should be, whether Jessica Lall and family should have a fair chance to come to peace with her untimely death? if it ever can be given to them?

The society they were part of certainly owes it to them.

As a healthcare professional I take serious offence at the suggestion that Legal and Medical ethics provide no options to the Lawyers and Doctors about who they choose as a client or patient.
It is grossly unfair practice to lump lawyers ethics and Medical ethics together except in the rarest of rare cases.
That you see in John Grisham stories, movies.

Doctors do not have to worry about the guilt or innocence of the patient or the luxury of time to evaluate it.
In fact if anything, for Lawyers time is the only resource they have in abundance.
Come, come now, Let us not even kid ourselves that Lawyers especially the top ones are motivated solely by the degree of injustice the client has suffered at the halls of justice. Their ability to pay the whopping fee never remotely enters the picture.
It is a well known fact all over the world that the more guilty the client is higher is the chargeable fee.
No matter how loud and hard Mr Jethmalani screams to prove otherwise, world will choose to go by history.

Now we have to utilize the last chance we as a society will ever be given to set a wrong right.


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