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Friday, December 01, 2006

Improve Hit and Run victims fates(LEDS)

13 Nov 2006,
The Law has made medical aid mandatory for accident victims.
Accident Medicine is firm that the aid given in the golden hour post accident is the most critical in saving lives.
However, harsh ground realities have made medical services the extremely expensive.
In a recent hit and run accident an 8 year old victim's poor parents, had a medical bill of 36,000 rupees for the first 3 days.
The medical care providers are not sure of who is covering their expenses. So they resort to patient dumping. Which is sending them off to other hospitals under the usual guises of "too serious, needs more specialized treatment, not available here" etc. This costly search for a hospital results in many preventable avoidable deaths.

Of the 450,000 dead and injured in 2000 in India almost 150,000 were environmentally friendly bicyclists and pedestrians.

They do not cost the exchequer any foreign exchange yet are treated with contempt and derogation by the petroleum guzzlers.

An appropriate corpus fund or a blanket insurance policy should be instituted by the government.

It can be funded out of traffic fines, compensations paid by Motor accident claims tribunals orders,road taxes, etc.
This ensures immediate medical expenses of accident victims.
The victims should not be denied critical medical aid because they are unable to pay.


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