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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Portals of Shameless Fawning

Recently some one I know closely was denied
entrance at the apple of apple shiners club
The Bangalore Club.
His crime? wearing a Kurta.
I recall a Bombay club pulling the similar stunt on Mr M F Hussain.
Heil the British and the enduring subservience they instilled in us.

They continue to rule us from beyond the grave.

No better method of control to the concept, Empire, on which the sun never sets can
be conceived.

Nay, We the brown A???? S???ing babus of India Shall never let it set.

I might perhaps have understood the attitude
in the immediate generation after the British left.
Since Huttu guna suttaru bidolla (habits dont go even when incinerated).

The action and attitude that drives it, is an affront to the very meaning of Bharat
which has outsurvived and outshone "BRITISH" by thousands of years.

It is also a gross violation of the constitution of the Republic.

What are the self appointed Upholders,defenders and protectors of Bharatiyatva-
the BJP and the likes of them doing?
Why not do something constructive instead of calling for meaningless bandhs holding the very people that elected them to ransom?

Suo motu congizance of the violation should be taken by the highest judicial authorities in the country including perhaps the Human Rights Commission.
Severe and strict penalties should be instituted against Portals of such shameless fawning and a?? S???ing.
The archaic constitution BC(Before Christ- Bangalore Club) should be replaced by one that is in conformity with the Constitution of India.

No one should be under any guise tolerated trampling that basic freedom and hence the dignity guaranteed by it.

Until then, no self respecting Indian should visit such clubs.


Blogger HANS said...

If you happen to go to Bangalore club on an occasion as an invitee please take enough tit bits with you (especially if you are acompanying kids with you ).Because you cannot buy any thing over there unless you have coupons with you . So only your host will have to treat you with the Horribly food . The ambeience is terrible .At beer corner women cannot drink beer openly . the dress of the waiters and personality is like jokers !!!
Winston churchil was sacked as member of the Bangalore club when he failed to payup the monthly subscription of the Club .

1:42 PM  
Blogger NAT said...

Thanks for the information on the BC. I have no intention of ever visiting that club. I will make it a point to refuse to attend any parties there. I donot go go MTR Bangalore either.

6:24 PM  

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