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Monday, January 08, 2007

Disgusting corruption in Hospitals-8Jan2007

The Minister of Health Honorable R Ashok
(No email address?)
and The principal Secretary
Health and Family Welfare,
Government of Karnataka

What is the matter with your government hospitals?

Have they become mints for robbing poorer sections of the society?

My maid servant's son was admitted to KC General Hospital for a surgery.

The staff including the doctors have been
collecting money off these poor since day one.
So far about 4000 has been spent on these "services"

It is easy for your officials to say you don't have to pay bribe to get medical aid.
But if you are in need of medical aid you cannot go running upto the top official or the enforcement officials to get the service as you are entitled to get.

It should be a matter of national shame that we cannot even deliver medical and funeral services without bribes in this SUVARNA KARNATAKA fifty plus years after independence.

Though we threw out the Britishers we have not been able to do anything with these shame and conscienceless brown babu brothers of ours.

When Please when will we be rid of them?

Though you have the powers to do something about it do you have the COURAGE to do it?


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