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Thursday, April 05, 2007

zee challenges BCCI-IBN 4 Apr 2007

Excellent idea Mr Subhash Chandra.
It is time that extinct, defunct dinosaurean, condemnable institutions like our old politicians, BCCI, brown babu clubs were scrapped and euthanized to make India modern and vibrant.

You can hear the quaver in the BCCI statement talking about permissions and licences necessary from them, ICC, to hold matches in local stadia etc, is actually a bluff covering up for fear that they are actually powerless in this matter. In these days of sponsorpship sport, which is based on performance BCCI and Doordarshan must be realizing that they are outdated and no longer a monopoly tolerated.
They did not have the will or the power to cleanse a match fixing and politics contaminated system even to save themselves. It is disgustingly shameful to talk now about permits and licenses like a government monopoly.
All the power to you Mr Subhash Chandra, we are with you to eliminate BCCI and other monopolies.
All of our national businesses should join Mr Chandra in his effort.


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