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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bangalore is fighting a win or die vahanasura Kaalaga-IBN-29 May 2007

Bangalore is fighting a vehicle demons in a win or die battle. 2.6 million of them increasing at 1000/dayWe at TEST(Traffic Engineers and Safety Trainers-an NGO) are doing our mite by conducting seminars for professional multinational,public transport, call centre, driving school instructors, principals, police, students,etc. Our seminars cover defensive driving, fighting stress, signage's, regulations, what to after accidents etc. We have trained thousands.The ignorance and indifference to laws is amazing. At an individual level, I have a crusade of reporting offenders registrations weekly (over 1300 in the past 6 months) to the traffic police. Just now I was in a public spat, a driver blocked my gate. He argued no space to park, no signboard (mandatory no parking zone) wait at the gate to tell us not to park ,etc. This led to the possibility that as he a professional was not aware of the basics of driving, I had serious reservations of his capacity to see, read, comprehend and comply. He was disobeying a silent zone board just over his head. Many bystanders were defending HIM! This public attitude of defending wrongs- is no less than lying in this land of Mahatma Gandhi.Aware of this paradox, one of them justified it, this is India and this is the way we are.He was expressing a reality which I was unwilling to see. We do put up signs 'Do Not urinate, defecate' near temples & public places! usually unheeded. With 30 percent literacy, we should make these visual instead of text. It is no wonder, we are where we are instead of being where we could be as a nation. We additionally assassinated the Mahatma and with him what is right and wrong. We are not even ashamed of murdering right & truth.


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