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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Police go hitech-IBN28May2007

We judge the cops too easily, casually and very unfairly.They operate under severe stress, not knowing what kind of influence andpressure any violation stop can bring.They do not know which pit has what kind of snake hiding.Depending on the INFLUENCE RAJ the drunk driver wields besides driving under the influence of alcohol, he may pay or the cop can get suspended or transferred .Under these circumstances, we aam admi would not have done 1/100th the job we criticise the police are doing.We should stop to think: would we have jeopardized our daily job to catch some idiot foolish enough to endanger himself and everyone else by his indulgence to alchol.One of the ways of dealing with insufficient police personnel is by encouraging the society to report violations and prosecute them through automation centres.Public reported violations are immune from influence raj as the complainant is not subject influence pressures as a government servant can be.Many American cities offer upto 40 percent of the fine collected by citizen reported vioaltions as reward to the complainants. Here in India it can be added to the violators burden as an incentive to be more law abiding.A portion of the fine collected from traffic offences, convicted cases can be plowed into a corpus fund.Such a fund has grown to US dollar 1 billion in ten years in Newjersey.This can be used for funding NGO efforts of Traffic Engineers and Safety Trainers and others for driver training rehabilitation etc.


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