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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Stink over alcometers-TOILEDS28MAY2007

As a teetotaller, I fail to understand the arguments offered by those stopped by the police for

driving under the influence of alcohol.(TOI page 3 'Stink over alcometers' -28May2007)
Why are we always proud , anxious and eager to violate rules and laws of civilized society?

There is no sense of shame at all in being the least law abiding or most corrupt.
The 'INFLUENCE RAJ' is at the root of this evil.
It is the western standards presumably which we need and follow in this regard.
It is the duty of the officer, to prevent the suspected drunk driver from futher endangering persons and property by whatever means necessary.
It generally means impounding the vehicle or detaining the driver till he is sober.
It is better he is subjective in the larger intersts.
It should be his primary duty to prevent danger and damage to the rest of the society by any means necessary.
Understandably this is solely at the discretion of the officer.
Those who drink and drive should realize that they are a dangerous NUISANCE to themselves and
more importantly other innocent road users.
If they can afford to drink, they owe it to the society to afford to take an auto or taxi home.
Media should not be a sympathetic party to propogating their imaginary grievances.
The rest of the society should not have to pay a very high price for this serious social evil.


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