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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bikers beat up brigadier-IBN-20Sep2007

An extremely shameful act that reflects the lack of discipline, fear of law, gangsterism promoted by media glorifying such acts through movies.The Police should be extremely strict in punishing such gross violations of civilized society.It may not be correct to blame the parents for their grown up brats all actions. But they do have to take a major portion of the blame for the disrespect, disregard for laws of civilized behaviour their children exhibit. They must have provided them an atmosphere that condoned or even encouraged such behaviour.As I have found in my 35 years of study of human behaviou. Such attitudes prevail in people in business(read rich). They tend to justify all their disregard for laws as an obstruction to their right to earn money. Usually they provide a home environment where alcohol consumption is infact encouraged as a sign of being in the upper crust of the society. They fail to realize that it is the severe lack of self worth and low self esteem that causes them to seek solace in alcohol.


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