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Saturday, August 02, 2008

grahana-grahachara tv 9 -1aug2008

Congratulations on your very catchily titled Grahana - grahacahara program broadcast today.

I have to laud the futile but spirited and vigorous efforts of Astrologer (is he also a DR Sachidanand like his father Dr B V Raman was?) Sacchidanand Babu to push for a science status for Astrology.

The whole program reminded me of Tenali Ramakrishna's famous Tilakastha Mahishabhanda story.
I fervently wished the scientists on the panel had taken a Kashta-stick- from that story and called Mr Babu's bluff to open the bundle he kept trying to open throughout.
I felt somewhere that typical of Indian Scientists however great they are scientifically, the controlling fear factor of the unknown and the unknowable lit and smoldering in us from generations stopped them from taking the decisive step in challenging Mr Babu in the welfare of science.

This I think did a great disservice to both Science as a Science and Astrology as a matter of deep personal belief and faith,to which many people swear allegiance to .
It seemed at the end that Astrology had a relevance only to the humans, of all life forms on earth.

If the intended goal of the program was Grahana was Grahana not a 'Grahachara' , then it failed totally.

Over all the program appeared to promote Mr Babu the astrologer who wanted a scheduled science status to Astrology, for the prestige and credibility the title provided.
Overall rating for the program?- Two hours of Entertainment.



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