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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Appeal to President Patil to Ban Continental Airlines from India

24Jul 2009,
Her Excellency Smt Pratibha Patil,
President of India,

Honorable Madame President,
Physical frisking under the guise of airline safety is a gross violation of civil liberties and human dignity.
Resorting to it without sufficient cause is an affront to human dignity.
It reduces every human being to the level of a criminal or a terrorist.
When such demeaning and disgraceful treatment was meted out to President Kalam, it was with the full knowledge that he was a VVIP.
It cannot be justified by the arrogant laws of the USA, which has become a toothless tiger, since the disbandment of USSR .
We cannot and should not tolerate this insult.
A suitable fitting action in this case would be to withdraw Continental's licence to operate in this country.
We do not want this airline operating from this country ever again.
If we could get rid of the Coca Cola in 1977 for far less crime, we should now atleast stand up for national honor.
We should not let the world forget that we are #3 globally.
You can guage the public outrage if you see the media and the internet trends.
Nothing short of this will restitute the outrage.
Kindly direct the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Civili Aviation Minister Praful Patel to act in this direction.
With Great hopes that our national honor will be upheld by you.
M B Nataraj


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