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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Throw Continental Airlines out of India for frisking President Kalam-leds

The Editor,
Times of India

This is with reference to the third rate, cheapo arrogant US Airline Continental subjecting President Kalam- Let us not lower the dignity by referring to him as Expresident, once a president always a president- to full body frisking in contravention of all Civil behaviour.(Air line has not responded TOI page 15, 22 Jul 2009)
Would the US government have tolerated such treatment to its heads of state by another country?
The government of India has no option but to throw this airline out of this country for the national shame it has heaped on us, whatever their" justification" is.
No second thoughts about it.
We do not want this airline anywhere near India.

Let them take their business to places where such national trample and tresspass are welcomed.
Thanking you
Sincerely yours
Mr M B Nataraj
Microbiologist-Medical Technologist
BSc, MS(Georgetown University, Wash DC) MT(American Medical Technologists) USA



MPs want action against airline


New Delhi: Frisking of former President A P J Abdul Kalam by the staff of Continental Airlines created a unique unanimity in Rajya Sabha on Tuesday with members of all parties saying it was a grave dishonour to the country and had proved that India was a weak nation where a former President could be humiliated on its own soil.
Leader of opposition in RS Arun Jaitley called it an outrageous incident and said any relationship is about reciprocity. “We send vehicles to the tarmac for foreign dignitaries,” he said asking the government to take action. While demanding action against the airline staff, even suspension of its operations and an investigation, Sitaram Yechury (CPM) said, “This comes from US and if it is due to his (Kalam’s) name, the matter is more serious.” He also asked why security was being outsourced. Jayanti Natarajan (Congress) said until action was taken, operation of the airline should be suspended.
Raising the issue, Prabhat Jha of BJP said it was a conspiracy against India. Balbir Punj (BJP) demanded arrest of officials involved in frisking Kalam. He said it was ironic that while some people could fly anywhere and from anywhere, a national icon like Kalam was being subjected to humiliation.


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