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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cheap Chlorination device for household water storage tanks, Inventor M.B.Nataraj,Jul2009

Many urban houses and most rural dwellings in India have stored daily water supply, ground level or overhead. The water source may be from an untreated bore well or an organized potable water supply system. During the process of collection, storage and use the chlorination may be inadequate.
This leads to consequential health issues from contaminants like algae and other microbes.
When I recently drilled a bore well at my residence, the chlorination issue became primary health concern.
I wanted to chlorinate the storage water tanks –both overhead and ground level more regularly than dumping some quantity of bleach.
The factors to be considered were cost, ease of construction, source and adequacy of chlorination etc.
Looking at all the possibilities: particularly with reference to the chlorine source which I would have wanted to be residueless so the pipes did not block up and preferably biodegradable .
I toyed with the idea of a commercial slow release chlorine tablet. I might have had to make it myself in view of the possibility it may not be available easily or economically in India. By virtue of its design it again may not provide exact level of chlorination.
So I decided to use a concentrated chlorine solution available from chemical manufacturers. It is about 10 times the concentration of the required 100 ml of 0.5 percent per 1500 liters of water.
It was ecofriendly and biodegradable.
As a result I came up with these two cheap and very cheap models for continuous chlorination of household water.

The Cheap Cheap version:(under INR.10)

1) Empty shampoo, liquid bleach or similar 500 ml sized bottle- cost 0.
2) A 21 G hypodermic needle – cost 3 Rs.
3) An old /new air control valve for aquarium aerators- cost 0 to 5 or 10 Rs.
4) Instant glue.
Method: Glue the air control valve to the opening in the shampoo bottle- enlarging the opening if necessary- make sure it is leak proof. Insert the Needle in the base of the shampoo bottle. Fill it up with the chlorine solution of the required strength. Adjust the flow rate to provide the required volume of chlorine /24 hours. 1 drop (0.05mL)every 30 seconds or so provides 150 ml of chlorine solution in a day.

The semi deluxe version:(under INR 50)

1) An empty 5 liter plastic jerry can. Cost Rs.10
2) A 21 g hypodermic needle through the cap. Rs 3
3) An Intravenous transfusion set- used one without the needle will do very well- new one is about Rs. 30 in surgical supplies. Total
Method: Drill a hole slightly smaller than the IV set inlet. Glue the Inlet into this drilled hole. It may need some M seal – a 2 component synthetic putty to make this leak proof. Insert the 21 G needle through the cap and fill the 5 liter can with the required strength of Chlorine solution. And set it on top of the tank with the end of the IV drip set above the water level. The advantages of this over the previous model are obvious because these jerry cans have their own sturdy handles which can be used to suspend the can over the water tank.
Copy right
M B Nataraj
July 2009


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