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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Secretary Clinton Goes to India-NYTimes ed-17Jul2009 ed leds

19 July 2009,
The Editor,
Newyork Times,

This is with reference to the 17 Jul 2009 editorial "

Secretary Clinton Goes to India".
As a long time-rightly or wrongly- pro US devoted Indian, it appears to me that the article is too tongue in cheek, to suggest that India should
do or can do more towards improving the relationship.
In other words be a game partner in the US global ambitions?
Since 1947 Pakistan was first born,(India came a day later remember), US stance has always been pro Pakistan.
To counter balance India's latent Potential as a world power?
It is a shame that India has been sidelined like this by myopic US foreign policy as far as the subcontinent is concerned.
It is a gross understatement to say that the policy has been myopic.
Any aid US might have provided over the years to India, has never gone into promoting global terrorism or into specifically targetting USA or sustaining military dictatorships.
Despite all the obvious continued persistent misuses of funding, technology largesse Pakistan has been enjoying because of this myopia, it is still treated as the prodigal son.
India has suffered unmentionable violations,indignities of its borders, peoples and properties.
Would it have been so blatant but for USA's propakistan bias?
Frankly this step motherly attitude is totally incomprehensible.
Historically the world has yet to see ONE repeat ONE successful US effort to defend or protect the vulenrable lady Democracy.
Preserve Protect and defend...... "of the people for the people and by the people" indeed.
It certainly has done nothing -PL480 notwithstanding- to preserve, protect or defend the world's largest democracy.
Everyone is eager to be enlightened on this aspect of US foreign policy.
Under these circumstances,to suggest that the two democracies can do a lot to deepen their relationship, " is hilarious (Hillaryous?)
With Sincerest regards,

Mr. M.B.Nataraj
Microbiologist-Medical Technologist,
BSc,MS(Georgetown University, Wash DC) Registered Medical Technologist (American Medical Technologists) USA,



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