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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Babe vs baba-yahoo buzz comment-14jul2009

Lord Rama, Please spare us these Baba Ramdevs. I think babas are basically grapes are sour type. They could not manage life in a society. So they become babas and advice everyone on everything.
Kudos to Celina Jaitley and others like her who are willing to embrace human varitey.
Trying to fix basic instincts like, sexual orientation, eating preferences like vegetarianism or meat, is futile. Anyway it does not affect the smooth functioning of the society. If one or two individuals actions interfere in the society's fucntioning, they can be suitably curbed by the civil/criminal laws of the society if needed. Looking at Prof. Sabharwal's Murderers being released today, I think we have a lot of tolerance as to how far we as a society are willing to go in terms of criminal tresspass of our laws. Hinduism has survived all these millenia because of its reed like nature, which is its weakness as well as its greatest strength.


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