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Monday, August 17, 2009

Bangalore Automation centre notices foolproof?

13 Aug 2009,
The Commissioner of Police,
Copy DCP traffic east.

I am the Secretary Training for Traffic Engineers and Safety Trainers.
I have regularly filed over 2000 violations with the same DCP traffic so that enforcement becomes more strict.(a sample also attached)
As such am very familiar with the traffic laws and the need for strict enforcement. and I have trained my son and daughter in strict law abidement.
I have also been a great admirer of the great work done by the enforcement cell.
Just today I received (notices-2522386 and 2522387 dated 4 aug 2009 attached) for violation of cell phone and helmetless driving of my Son's two wheeler KA02EM1308 mentioned as motorcycle even though it is a honda scooter, at Marappanapalya Junction on 31 Jul 2009 at 11.50 AM.
The reasons I am raising a question about the notices are
1) If my memory is correct, exactly one year ago on the same date 31 jul, 2008, exactly at the same spot- Marappanapalya junction- which spot exactly are they referring to I am not sure as there are atleast two in Bangalores 600 square km, BEL road or
Near Navrang- we got a notice for helmetless riding. Though my son protested he had never driven anywhere without the helmet-he was on a visit from USA at that time- I over rode his protests mainly for lack or resources and time to fight these cases- and paid up the fine.
2) Now exactly one year later , we get another two notices. But this time my son is not even here. I have never seen her ride without a helmet. My daughter who uses the vehicle is even more law abiding than any of us- was at home at around that time, we have videos of the pooja and her participation in it, for Varamahalakshmi pooja from 9 AM onwards, in which she participated, we had a small house warming for a small room we reconstructed that day,. Lunch followed around 12 to 1.30 pm and she was here.
I would like to see- if there is any video evidence of the violation- and the exact location details. are there more than one KA-02-EM 1308? Since it refers the vehcile as a motorcycle? The coincidences seem too much.
While I would like to reiterate my committment to a honkless traffic, disciplined and enforced bangalore, I would also like to be sure to make enforcement tamper and harassment proof.

Thanking you
Sincerely yours

M B Nataraj
Secretary training, Life member,
Traffic Engineers and Safety Trainers.


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