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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Color of memory- Black and white?

12 Feb 2010
I love these pics, they make me want to be there myself. Feels like a time that exuberates such preciousness, sacredness and rightness of how it should be. Dont know if i am making sense uncle, but will explain in detail sometime else..

oh do you get the same feeling? I thought it was only for the subjects! You know what I think? colors fade in memories so all memories eventually become black and white. B/W has therefore a sense of timelessness or oldtime?

14 Feb 2010
colorlessness of time! so to say. I think its got something to do with the RAM-random access memory of brain. Though we have infinite capacity for information, it has to be frequently used to be recalled. Otherwise it goes deeper and deeper into the recesses of the mind. And color i think is extra information- which usually takes up RAM in the mind, and probably needs a larger protein? So at first you may remember the colors. But gradually it will fade away. so that the default information is B/W! just look back in your own daily experiences and see how far back in memory you remember colors. Not about standard colors like that of say Rose, sambhar water etc. But details like the print on the saree, color of the border etc. I bet you cant recall that unless you see it again? It would be interesting to design a test to try out this hypothesis. May be color RAM is like fish's memory. It is only about 2 seconds!


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