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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mr President Obama: is this attitude legally,morally or ethically ever justifiable without damaging US global image?28Feb2010

28 Feb 2010,Dear Mr President Obama,I am constrained to raise this vexatious issue bothering global viewers of National Geographic's "Jailed Abroad" program, that highlights the issues of usally US nationals incarcerated outside US Jails for drug running. Subsequently State department's Embassy/senators/humanitarian groups kick in and have the convicts repatriated or released to their custody and taken out of the country. Many of them are released on parole almost immediately. We fail to see the purpose of this program- if it is to evoke sympathy for the plight of the US convicts- it failed miserably. Instead a sense of anger that the governmental machinery is used to free these people. Drug running and terrorism should mandate capital punishment world wide in view of their cascading damage to countless human lives. US undoubtedly achieved its global status due to its diligent enforcement of laws and pursuit of violators. It amounts to virtual hounding. Roman Polansky-french, 89 yrs John Demjanjuk naturalized US as against Michael Jackson. Never is the convcted's case that it was unjust. This is a skewered disrespectful approach to other nation's criminal laws which adversely affects the image of "law abiding" USA. I expressed these concerns to Secretary Clinton under whose aegis Embassies work through the website contact us form since she as a public servant doesnot have an exofficio email address, ex.secystateus@.gov.us. How, when and why is this attitude legally,morally or ethically ever justifiable without damaging US global image?


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