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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Medical standards destroyed-leds9mar2010

I am constrained to write this after witnessing 35 years of systematic destruction of medicine as a healthcare professional, from the noble profession level to the current russian roulette it has become. Merit in medical education has been totally replaced by wholesale capitation fee based admissions.
When medical seats rates start at 20 lakhs and reach astronomical 1.8 crore for postgraduate seats, the degrees have to be guaranteed by the colleges.
Disillusionment disappointment, from the merit medical students is a physical blow in the face.
It is no surprise that medical entrance tests have candidates sitting for 3 hours without writing one word on the paper other than the
hall ticket number lest they be disqualified by their "Knowledge".
The systematic damage and destruction this evil has wrought on healthcare is evident by
the apprehension of the patients at falling ill or having to seek medical attention,
and the skyrocketing health and malpractise insurance rates.
The only available option to prevent the rot is to immediately introduce M (Merit) and C (Capitation) registrations for doctors by medical council as this information
is essential for public health and welfare.


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