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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hope Moral Policing comes down in DK with Dr Acharya out of home Ministry

These kinds of moral policing cases flourished under the "empathetic" home minister Dr Acharya failing to take a firm stand in the matter given his BJP sympathies.

He failed to take a strong stand against the violation of basic rights of the citizens when they were so grossly violated by this sene or that sene.

is it that these party based politicians cannot step into the larger arena of state or national governance by making the constitution the basis of their actions rather than local vote catching party planks?

It is just extremely unfortunate that a progressive, liberal district like Dakshina Kannada came to be perceived as a threat to the

freedom and secularism of this state and the country.

We born kannadigas who were very fond of travelling to this beautiful district became wary of doing so thanks to this lackadaisical attitude of this BJP government.

Hope this will change with a new home minister.


Moral cops thrash engineer from city

Bangalore Mirror Bureau

Posted On Monday, September 13, 2010 at 04:11:20 PM

In yet another incident of moral policing in Dakshina Kannada district, an engineer from Bangalore who had come home to Puttur to celebrate Eid was not just beaten up by goons but also stripped and taken to a police station only because he spoke to a girl from another community, whom he knew since school days.

Speaking from the Mahaveer Hospital in Puttur, where he is being treated for injuries, Abdul Shameer (21) working as an engineer with ETA Engineering Private Limited in Mahadevapura on Whitefield Road, said, “I came down to Puttur to celebrate Eid. At Palthady, while I was riding a bike on Saturday, I saw this girl whom I knew from our school days as she got down from a taxi and was walking home. We just exchanged pleasantries and chatted for a while. A man spotted us talking and passed on the message to 4-5 people. Immediately a crowd gathered. They first sent the girl home and started questioning me and even imputing a relationship between me and the girl”, he said.

He said the gang beat him in public, tore his clothes, and took him to Sampya police station in a jeep. “I was in my underwear. At the station, first they tried to book a case against me. When I insisted that the girl be called to station, she was called and she explained the situation as it was. The SI there was very co-operative and gave me back my clothes. The men were drunk and I could not know if they were from any particular outfit,” Shameer said.

Dakshina Kannada SP Dr AS Rao said while Shameer was beaten by some people, others intervened and brought him to the police station. Based on a complaint filed by him, four people have been arrested. The process of identifying the others was on, he added.



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