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Thursday, February 10, 2011

when cops stay stop you STOP

Hi I guess you are a youngster? Under 30?
When a cop asks you to stop. YOU STOP. Cops donot have time to teach and explain or listen to excuses. What excuse can you have for driving under the influence of intoxicants or overspeeding recklessly endangering others? Cops will follow the simple rule flight is evidence of guilt. If you are law abiding you stop. Even if it inconveniences you is it not?

Deepak (Bangalore , Indian)
20 hrs ago (09:53 PM)

How can one say that whatever is mentioned is 100% true ??? It could also be an result of an argument of the youngsters and the cops... The youngsters would have commented something to the cop and sped away and this wud have hurted the ego of the cop and sounded a false red alert .... Come on , lets admit it .. there are more drunk youngsters on Bangalores brigade road having races in the midnight and no one arrests them... Why ?? cause they are some MLA's or Mp's relatives!!!!


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