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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pilot license violating safety norms is Criminality surpassing all greed and comprehension

The news item reporting the DGCS top brass daughter being made a pilot violating all safety norms is nothing short of a bomb in a terrorists hand.
It surpasses all greed or comprehension.
This kind of criminality this act exposed innocent and trusting citizens to when you consider the possible consequences to innumerable lives and property makes it a fit case for the rarest of rare cases and be awarded the death penalty.
Hanging in public both the official and his conspiring daughter.
Even if it is not on the statute, this and such cases of endangering public by officials in power makes such a statute mandatory to save this country from the bloody babus-pardon the language, but this case needs it.
Other similar acts include passing medical students, issuing drivers licenses, permitting drunken driving etc for the grave potential to public harm.


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