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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kalmadi dementia-KD

M B Nataraj (blr) replies to Patriot
21 hrs ago (11:17 AM)
unfortunately Narco test is not legal evidence. The only use of Narco test is leads- to the direction in which the investigation needs to go. It is all very evident in this case. The sword of suspicion is clearly pointing like a weather cock!

M B Nataraj (blr) replies to Raja
20 hrs ago (11:19 AM)
Spelling error on sonia? But a good one it is Maino? But Manio rhymes well with kalmadis dementia!

Since he is mad and a threat to the society, he should be put in a padded cell, locked and the key thrown away and forgotten.
M B Nataraj replies to EJ
22 hrs ago (10:48 AM)
brilliant suggestion
M B Nataraj
22 hrs ago (10:46 AM)
The diagnosis "Dementia"? What a joke. He is making a fool of the people, executive, party and the judiciary. We the people are demented electing such crooks. He is a rajya sabha member right? No one but the party elected him correct? Courts should let facts and acts speak for themselves without need for this guys mind and brain both of which are crooked.
ion! and it will save the parliament from his attendance. He is asking for leave from jail to attend parliament!


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