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Monday, July 18, 2011

reply to bharatkrishna comment onSundarrajan death

Sir, Unfortunately you seem to have missed the point of the post.
while not making your point clear.
How does referring to a Stone Deity as stone deity or a place be derogatory or outrageous?
If by "Place" you mean yoni/womb every living being has come from it and it is not derogatory at all.
Would you have referred to it as Gold, silver or some other precious material which it is not
and made it less derogatory or outrageous?
Lord Amarnath is frozen water and discovered by a Muslim shepherd as per lore.
God or Gods of any religion have no intention of revenge or retribution against
Sundarrajan or Nataraj, that is an exclusive domain of humans.
Hinduism has 33 crore gods. Presumably the population at that time representing the idea
that every individual has a God within. We Hindus do not profess loyalty to one Padmanabha,
Venkateshwara, Ayyappa, Kali, Mahalakshmi, Sharada, Shiva. A look at any Hindus life will
reflect that a regular pilgrimage will cover many deities over a large expanse of the country.
The idol taken out of that particular context of place and time has no distinguishing features
that will identify it as that particular deity. It shows the broadmindedness of Hinduism
Where as other religions have one uniformly identifiable symbol or figure. It is not one GOD but one form of 33 crores we choose to perform poojas to. Whether you worship an Idol, item or a symbol is an individual choice.

"While it is definitely true that it is not divine Anger, the usage of term "Stone Deity" is outrageous. If some one describe in a similar derogatory way the "place" through which you came to this world, how would you feel? It is the perspective and outlook. Kindly it right. The stone it may be, but it is symbolic representation of everything a.k.a God.Every religion in this world do Idol worshiping. For example in case of Xtianity it is holy cross. "


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