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Sunday, July 10, 2011

sytem needs revamping

It has been estimated that if the government gets the black money parked in foreign banks ready to be returned, the citizen does not have to pay income tax for the next 30 years.
It has also been determined that income tax recovery is not cost effective considering the decades long justice system delays.
The billion dollars fish Kodas, Kalmadis, Kanimozhis, convicts, murderers and rapists roam free.
The honest hard earned millions are squandered by successive governments.
The two most visible enforcement arms of the government namely income tax and police are perceived most corrupt and corruptible.
The honest are harassed and guilty are elated at being able to manipulate the system.
Under such circumstances why should the criminal law be reversed to be presumed guilty until proven innocent for faults of the government itself?
Why should the tax payer have to file appeals etc?
The whole system needs revamping.


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