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Saturday, August 27, 2011

bharatiyas enraged at congress duplicity

All Indians are sick and nauseated at the below the belt tactics of congress questioning Anna or supporters whether they are honest tax payers. Fact is honesty has become a vice with severe daily penalties at every level of government citizen inter phase. More threateningly the corruption gangrene has pervaded private enterprises totally. No one is willing to earn their salary without mamool. It begins with sloth at the citizen government interpahse.
It can be battled effectively by empowering and encouraging the citizens to report it without delaying their cases. The guilty are swiftly and mercilessly punished. For that all public officials have to be under the scrutiny. There is no incentive and no way to be honest or law abiding in this country at this point. It used to be a matter of pride at one time now its a matter of ridicule and shame. What an irony after 64 years of independence? Congress needs to be duly credited for much of it. After all it was Indira Gandhi who carte blanced corruption when it was still a shame.



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