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Thursday, August 25, 2011

fail to see KV rao reasoning

One fails to see Mr Raos reasoning unless it is a UID beneficiary somehow
some where.
There is no need to make it a rich/poor, educated/uneducated issue.
If he is not aware UID is "supposed" to be optional for obvious constitutional reasons of
right to individual privacy.
Then a whole section is automatically kept out of the purview.
He as well as all of us know the government's ability
misuse information collected for "other" purposes Ex. cell phone numbers made mandatory
in most transactions with the government so the huge database is sold of by the unscrupulous for a few rupees per cd. Caste data under census.
While online data safety may not be as vulnerable opposed to the integrity of the human data manager who is always pliable and vulnerable to enticements and influences. Everyone is fully aware of the enormous losses BPOs have suffered because of lack of integrity in the data handlers in the same banking ,credit card transactions Mr Rao is referring to.
He cannot expect every one to be naive about the safety of sensitive data in the hands of government even after reading about the VIPs phones being tapped.



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