I am a US Qualified Registered Microbiologist-Medical Technologist, operating my own Clinical Lab. I have been an activist advocating consumer, civic, citizen's rights for Thirty plus years & a Frequent contributor to the letters to Editor.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

cost of canadas myopic immigration policy

The Prime Minister(via his web page)
Immigration Minister(email not available)
I a US qualified Microbiologist/Medical Technologist with pharma research and diagnostic lab experience of 30 plus years, applied for PR in around 2004 vide B046295115IK1. Without going into individual merits you decided to terminate all applications prior to February 28 2008.
I just want to indicate what it cost Canada in terms of Science, Technology Engineering and Medicine atleast in my case.  
1) US qualified Microbiolgoist Medical Technologist with 35 plus years experience in tropical diagnostics.
2. Dietician/Medical Technologist with 30 plus years experience in laboratory medicine and nutrition.
3. Biologist Engineer with Purdue Masters in Biology, presently pursuing MBA at Haas school in Berkley, with 2 patents and 3 papers in the field of Biotechnology.
4. Graphics Engineer with MS degree from Rochester institute of technology, pursuing doctorate from University of California at Davis and a career with intel.
5. Industrial Engineer, with MS degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, pursuing doctorate from NCSU Raleigh.
6. Supply chain management Engineer with MS from Cornell at Manhattan associates.
When I applied I believed you fully knew when seeking skilled worker immigration, that  you were not investing in a single individual but a family of high worth tech bank.
I was mistaken. As # 2 destination in north America, your loss is USA's gain.
Sincerely yours.
M B Nataraj
Microbiologist/Medical Technologist
MS(Georgetown Univ Wash DC)
MT(American Medical Technologists)


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