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Thursday, February 08, 2007

WATER-youjournalist comment-8feb2007

A wonderfully well made movie. If I have seen one "Indian" movie worthy of winning an Oscar on all fronts, it is Water. The Theme, Direction, Photography, Music, Acting, Screenplay are all of Oscar caliber. However it is grossly grossly unfortunate that our narrow mindedness and refusal to face realties did not permit making the movie in India.
What is worse I think the agitation against the movie was totally motivated for its news worthiness.
If any of the agitators were interested in pulling the country out of the ages of ignorance they would have actively assisted in the movie.The Government instead of being political about the whole issue should have protected and encouraged this movie during its making.
It would have been a powerful tool of mass education.
And use it create a wave of mass awareness in the society and hence aid its eventual transformation.I don't know when we ever will grow up and develop tolerance.

Understand the justifiable world criticism of our abhorrent practices.

I donot know when we as a society will ever grow up , and understand the defects in our system.

Use the world's justifiable criticism of our outdated and abhorrent practices as a stepping towards


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