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Saturday, June 02, 2007

BMW lawyers stung-IBN 31 May 2007

What an eternal blot on our justice system.When the lawyers who are supposed to be officers of the court act unethically like this, the whole system collapses.Extrapolating the legal proverb justice should be done, and should appear to be done, Another ethical practise constantly disobeyed by lawyers all over is the ban on contingency fee.With the increase in compensation in most cases, the American evil of 33 percent of compensation received is levied on litigants. But without the necessary service. Those lawyers conduct the entire case free of charge. Here in India they collect the fee, actuals and 33 percent or more. That would depend on the litigants financial status and education level.The officers of the court should have appeared clean besides being clean. Now their whole image is tarnished, irrespective of the postfacto explanations that can be now cooked up.All these cases of subversion of justice by the moneyed just reaffirms the lay man's belief that criminal lawyers are just that criminals first then lawyers.


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