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Thursday, October 04, 2007

IAS Officer's Murderers get death-NDTV 4 Oct 2007

Justice delayed is justice denied is a well known saying. Sometimes it is good that it is delayed in heinous, irresponsible crimes by criminals masquerading as politicians and leaders. For it gives them time to ponder over the Damocle's sword that hangs over their head, not knowing which way it will sway. Now they will have another eternity of confirmation or pardon during which they will suffer. They will have died a hundred deaths at the uncertainty. It is a meagre price to pay for a horrendous crime. The Australian Priest and his son's incineration was another crime that should have been punished equally strongly. Nonhuman criminals like Anand Mohan with 38 murder cases against him actually do not deserve an equal opportunity under human laws. They need a Satanic Law dedicated to themselves.


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