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Monday, December 10, 2007

Police made a mistake-TOI 3Nov2007

How could the pune police arrest an individual in Karnataka without sanction from Local courts?
If they did get the permission, K Laksmana's civic liberties were not adequately protected by the very courts which are
entrusted to do so, since his was a surprise arrest.

This violation of personal liberty is grossly abhorrent and violative of the Indian constitution.
It is a shameful reflection on a nation that supposedly attained liberty 60 years ago so Indians could administer Indians.
The tongue in cheek police apology, indulgent attitude of the courts to such police excesses, makes a mockery of freedom in this country.
We continue to be ruled , now by brown babus.
Police puppets, anxious to please the political master's , will trample on citizens rights.
Lakshmana cannot get justice from Maharashtra courts and should to sue the police in a neutral territory and seek
suitable punishment to the police and compensation from them.


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