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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Commissioner BMP-Arrogant BMP staff-2Nov2007

You need to get yourself a valid email address. The address at BMP site bounces back.
For the citizenry experiencing the arrogance, loudness and rudeness of
BMP staff correctin the voters list as it is on their records, it appears their motto is offence is the best form of defence- abject defence when proven wrong.
They appear to use a uniform approach to decent tax paying law abiding citizenry, violators, encroachers, beggars and slum dwellers alike.
Are they public servants or staff of RAW/CBI/ GESTAPO?
The voters list is error filled, ill prepared and not in sequence- same door numbers appearing in several different pages
with wrong names for the right age sex and parents names etc.
This is the fate of a street with no changes in door and road numbers since 1964.
How can there be so many transcription errors between our attested correct information forms and lists these officials bring?

with this arrogance It is difficult to believe that India has attained independence 60 years ago.

This is a city where public servant behaviour have to match or better exceed global standards.
instead of justifying our selves NODI SWAMI NAVU IRODE HEEGE.

Looking at the circus that is presently going on with the elected representatives we are wondering whether we need democracy of this kind at all.
it is highly irritating to have these representatives of an prehistoric organization going around blaming and yelling at the citizenry to cover their own inefficiencies and deficienies.
Kindly enlighten them on the code of decent public behaviour, if they have difficulty adapting that to their style of operation,
this country has more than enough man power to have to tolerate this kind of inferior behaviour.

Irritated and angry residents of Mahalakshmi Lay out,

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