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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tired of Buffoons-LEDS TOI 20Nov2007

We are tired of these buffoons running a government of the few for the few and by the few.
They are delaying progress, improvement, denying freedom, liberty, wasting tax rupees
to line their coffers.
In addition they are institutionalizing corruption.
We after 60 years of democracy are still being ruled by our own brethern,
in a way worse than we had to suffer under the british.
We do not want money being wasted on further elections till the next one is due
as per the old schedule.
The current bunch can wait the period out, lick their wounds and do some
real work to build the image of their parties and themselves as Public servants
and face the next election.
If they fail to muster enough strength, President's rule can be reimposed till the next due election five years later.
The money so saved can be spent on nation building activities.
We have no problem being administered by nonelected officials who should be given equal opportunity to
prove themselves in a federal system of governance.
We are tired of this TAMASHA called democracy.
Please do not lift the president's rule till the next due general election.


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