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Sunday, October 14, 2007

dissatisfied with democracy-LEDS130ct2007

It was a welcome sight to see even a retired politician governor in the chief minister's chair working.
Democracy Of a few, by a few, for a few.
We have been disillusioned with the kind of democracy for 50 years.
'Public servants 'behaving worse than enemies.
Atleast the officials who want to work can get the job done. Uninterfered by rampant political considerations of this
"Indian style Democracy".

Happenstance a few corrupt and inefficient bureaucrats there is some foreseeable end by retirement/transfer.
Unlike the politicians who continue to haunt us from even beyond the grave.
All the states under president's rule function more effectively.
It is time we stopped wasting precious money on midterm elections, which should be banned.
If a corpus of elected for 5 years representatives fail to effectively run a government for the stipulated period, they should be made to sit on the sidelines for the rest of the elected period.
To reconsider, rest and recuperate their modus operandi.
Then horse trading the way it is going on in Karnataka right now will not happen.


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