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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I main-Disaster waiting to happen-24nov2007

I main Mahalakshmi Lay out, a 600 meter , curving, undulating stretch of road which connects chord road to swimming pool is a very heavily travelled road 24 hours at high speed and incessant honking in a residential area and the presence of schools, hospitals, clinics, residents club creating noise,parking nuisance after 10 pm till closing around midnight, postoffice,banks and a NO HONKING BOARD.
All vehicles, especially yellow board lorries,cabs,buses, and MOTORCYCLES AND SCOOTERS race down at over 60 km the slope down up and down honking constantly. The road width being 40 ft or so should not have speeds above 25 or 30. It is very risky for the other road users and school children and peace and quiet for the residents -about 24000/sq km.
Supreme court requires that you maintain 45-65 db levels during day time and no honking after 10 pm till 6 am. Which effectively means total ban on honking except in the DIREST OF EMERGENCIES.
Residents recent complaints to install speed breakers to reduce the reckless speeds of vehicles on this road was snubbed with the excuse that the roads have steep slopes. That is an understandable explanation if vehicles use lower gears to negotiate the slope instead of speed and honking. Honking encourages ,offesnisve behaviour, road rage, lack of discipline , transfer of own responsiblity of safe driving to other road usersreckless driving and overconfidence on the part of the driver.
It has 15 intersections and undulates in 2 peaks and valleys which echo repeatedly honking and loud engine sounds-(pictures enclosed)
we have made hundreds of date,time registration # specific complaints to dcp traffic east about vehicles fitted with very loud musical and airhorns which destroy the peace and quiet in this area and anywhere else these vehicles are used.
Few examples during the past two months follow.
We request that you direct your officials to
1) take stringent penalties and spot destruction of the offending horns against vehicles fitted with musical and air horns.
2) strictly enforce no honking and no speeding in this stretch especially between 8am-11 am, 4-9 pm, after 10pm by surprise checks at the club including DUI as the club serves alcohol.
3) take stringent action based on complaints from concerned citizens.
This is a disaster waiting to happen.


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