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Friday, August 08, 2008

RTI act modifications-LEDS8aug2008

This is with reference to the reported observations of Karnataka state Secondary education minister Mr Vishweshwara Hegde Kageri, that modifications to the RTI are needed so that intentions of the applicants are known to the government , to prevent its misuse.

It is amazing that the 'new' minister is not aware that the government is protected from providing any sensitive information or against national interest.

How did he manage to so quickly discover the 'misuse' of a ' three year old law?

The RTI is a central government act passed as an open book policy, a bench mark of democracy.

To ensure fair play, justice, equal rights to information and transparency in the government's functioning.

The data provided is public domain and is no one's personal property to be protected.

However, in view of unfair and unlawful functioning in the government, it is likely to be uncomfortable to the providers .

Such statements are very ominous and do not at all bode well for democracy especially when passed by a state minister against the wisdom of a central act.

In these days of one day wonders of coalition politics it is the duty of the press to enlighten its reading public on the 'experience' behind these remarks so we can attach the weightage due to such utterances.


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