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Saturday, September 27, 2008

AA-Airlines annonymous? kingfisher/continental-27sep2008

> airlines, for good or bad you are married to each other and the> public> perception of each others action sticks and even hits the fan often, no> matter how vehemently you deny the same.>> However, on behalf of the travelling public, I thank you very much for> enlgihtening your attitudes/ policies (".....,compensation is not> provided> for customer's perception of perception behavior")> regarding Continental's - public image, integrity, reputation issues.>> I very sincerely hope the same nonchalance does not extend to flight> operations, with all the obvious consequences to human life.> The only reason I sent you the message again is because you had said you> will revert back to me regarding refund as soon as the office opens? over> four or five days ago and you didnot.>> The only issue you still have not clarified is whether I should pursue the> refund matter with you or Kingfisher.>> Your joint unfulfilled duty rests on resolving the issue expeditiously in> everyones interest.


Anonymous Kiersten said...

People should read this.

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