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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Kingfisher fit to be the Airlines Anonymous -not Alcohlics Anonymous- club 4Sep2008

Hello Chairmen of,
Continental &
Kingfisher airlines,

If this is the Five star experience that Kingfisher can best provide , at its head quarters in Bangalore with Vijay Mallya a phone call away I cannot imagine what it does
in the rest of the places it tends.
The only five star flying experience appears to be reserved for those passengers whose better senses have or can be anesthetised with complimentary company distillates.

This is illustrated by the nightmarish experience of the return half of my family's Newark- Bangalore-Newark trip on continental on 3 sep 2008.

Which is exactly why liquor barons habituated to instantly dulling better senses with liquor barrels should not venture into an industry fundamentally relying on alertness and promptness

Despite spending 3 valuable hours on the last day of departure with continental and kingfisher telephonic support,
very crucial factors like, confusing
continental saying vehement YES and Kingfisher doing a virginal YES AND NO to
1) whether the kingfisher would check in the baggage all the way to its final destination newark,
2) flight would reach domestic/internationa airport at mumbai,
3) kingfisher would provide groundtransportation to the international terminal- were never clear.
After we got to the airport by 3.45pm for the 18.20 flight, we checked with the counter ------
while, waiting without any tannoy announcement , till one of us noticed a cancelled sign next to the flight display.
Checking what happened and what happens next,
we discovered the degree of Kingfisher's Bangalore operation's inefficiency , irresponsibility, inexperience ,indifference and total disregard to customer support
Staff with two syllabled names, Like Chairman Vijay, "Mohan, Rajiv and Manoj" etc , disregarding the fact that it was a Continental Airline ticketholder, whose global image and customer perception would be affected forever by their action or inaction, stubbornly wasting time,
wanted to refund the 'money' , asked us to change the international ticket to another date, quoting "rules" laid down by chairman MALLAYYA ? refused to endorse to another airline?
We were forced to buy another ticket and rush to check in and leave the headquarters of this "FIVESTAR FLYING EXPERIENCE" on their "GOING GLOBAL DAY"
with a nauseating draining experience.

Why we even saw staff being treated equally shabbily or worse, so how can we as mere customers get any better service?

Kingfisher, is best qualified to start A A club - hopefully not alcoholics annonymous- but -anonymous airlines- club.


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