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Monday, September 01, 2008

small i, small q and twent-teen phenomenon

I just discovered another aspect of human behaviour on the eve of my daughter Nisha's twentieth birthday.
Not that she had anything to do with the discovery except to precipitate coining the word-
namely twenteen.
This was for those souls who continue to think and may be act young?
This is not for those who are childish. But for those who retain the enthusiasm of the young.
They never stop being teen agers.
So after the traditional end of teen age at NINETEEN,
they go on to be twenteen, twentyoneteen etc all the way to ninetyteen and so on.

The other end of the scale in a sense is the small(lower case) i small q(lower case) -or iq instead of the IQ.
These are those who act infantile - so they are said to be of high infantile quotient as opposed to the intelligence quotient.
The paradox of this phenomenon is they are generally-80 percent of the time or more- of high or very high IQ and suddenly exhibit this little conscience calling behaviour of infantile quotient.
I shall keep track of the evolution of the phenomenon in future to develop the theme further.


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