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Friday, September 24, 2010

Deferring Ayodhya verdict is wise and essential

It is a very wise decision to postpone the verdict. The security forces, central and state governments are preoccupied with CWG and other bigger issues. It should not be strained further by preventable explosive 2 decade old topics.

Indian citizenry is very childishand immature in matters like this.Just waiting for an opportunity to vent their ires. Very easily manipulated into mindless irresponsible rioting, damage and destruction.

Ayodhya was a BJP vote bank politics ploy. Wrong at that time and wrong now.

It would not have occurred but for kautilya- Narasimha Rao as PM, and a BJP government in UP. Ram is just one of the 33 crore gods hinduism can boast of.

One identifiable istha daiva per individual.

The masjid issue was a serious blackmark, matter of deep shame on the broadmindedness of Indians. The issue has to be justly decided on the basis of existing laws and constitution, not emotions or desires of populations-political or otherwise. A brief delay was wise and welcome.



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