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Monday, September 27, 2010

What a relief Akrama not allowed to become Sakrama-27 Sep 2010

It was deeply gratifying to the now minority, honest law abiding citizens to see that you justly refused permission for Akrama Sakrama program, which would have been a constitutional violation of all things honorable and respectable about this nation.

It was also reassuring to see that there is some one willing to act when such gross transgressions are being rammed down the honest citizens throats by a bunch of elected representatives misusing their status and trust reposed in them.

If passed it would have benefitted only the violators and the extorting representatives who for their own personal glorifications hold samaveshas, donate money liberally to all and sundry temples which are already wasting public money and have become dens promoting commercialization and corruption instead of culture and religion.

Thank you again and Hope that the President also will not permit this gross insult to the majesty of Law.


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