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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

guesstimates to bolster FCS LPG exercise

These figures as handed out by the minister cannot be relied on. Given the inaccuracy of records maintained by the department.
The proportion of illegal connections has been coming down fast. Faster than the purchasing power of rupee, as more and more connections are found valid . No where near the orignial 50 percent illegal.
Aactually less than 10 percent or so by their own reported statistics.
FCS can say APL cannot get rations. But they cannot classify the legally issued cards as illegal
Now a days mainly used for identification or meomrabilia purposes.
There has been no confirmation whether the RR numbers are not repeated across the state EBs. The meter numbers across divisions have stayed unchanged.
Considering they were allotted before computerization.
Gas companies be aware they are liable for serious gross violation of valid contract between them and consumers. If and when they deny refills or connections based on illegal powers or acts of FCS.


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