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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

FCS does not have legal authority to cancel contracts between Consumer and Gas companies

Few days ago it was only in thousands Suddenly it has become Lakhs of illegal connections. Is this to justify the enormous expense that was incurred on this exercise? Illegal connections are no doubt to be controlled strictly. The method used to identify them by FCS cannot be unfair, illogical or unauthorized. The linking of RR numbers and ration cards in retrospect is without legal sanction or authority. LPG agencies can be sued for denial and deficiency of service as a class action by all affected consumers. Never was there a legal link between RR number, the number of connections there on at the time of issue of connection, and /or ration cards. Now it cannot be created post facto. Novice inexperienced Minister Karandlaje should remember that FCS did not issue the Gas connections cannot disconnect them. If LPG companies do so then they will be liable seriously based on FCS orders. Only the gas companies can individually identify the illegal connections only based on fraudulent papers produced for the connection. not otherwise. She should look into the bigger problem of the lakhs bogus ration cards issued by her officials.


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