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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Congratulations DCP Saleem-14Jan2007

14 Jan 2007,
Mr M A Saleem,
DCP Traffic East,

Dear Mr Saleem,

It is with very deep pride as a Bangalorean, I congratulate you on your receiving The IRTE & Prince Michael International Road Safety Award 2006 recently. You are probably the first and the only (?) Police officer from Karnataka to be given such an international award for the work done at Bangalore Traffic Police.
Recently I went through the Brigade Road Area on my way to the Airport from Jayanagar.
All the South east traffic to the Airport Koramangala etc from Residency Road, took the narrow road just before Residency road-Brigade Road Traffic light to cross Brigade road against the legal south bound traffic on it causing a huge traffic jam, disruption, pollution with honking and frayed irritated drivers.

My suggestion is therefore, to enforce a no drive through east across brigade road at that point.
Make it only right turn there. Force the through traffic to wait at the traffic light make a legitimate right to Brigade road south and then a legitimate left to continue east. This will prevent the bottle neck backing up traffic at the junction all the way into the northern sections of Brigade Road may be even upto MG road at peak hours.
If any clarifications about my suggestions are necessary please feel free to contact me via e mail.
Thanking you,
Sincerely yours,


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