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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Orissa Cop wants son in orissa-IBN-13Jan2007

Mr Mohanty wants the case transferred to his state so he can use his influence to bury the case or atleast dilute it to harmlessness.What does he mean by he did not stand surety? That somebody else gave surety in his name? Even so the father is responsible for the surety in his name. It was a planned concerted effort to get the rotten creep out of the mess he is in. Even now they are waiting for the media attention to die out and sneak the "RAPIST BOY" back into the parents loving fold. Another example of the Indians LONG UMBILICAL CORDS. Hope the Rajasthan's Police persist and succeed in their attempts to clear their state's crime records without yielding to political pulls from another state. I am afraid going by Lallu's Bihar's record that he will use his clout in the centre to Mohanty's advantage, crimes be damned.


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